Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trending in crime - crime stats

The crime rates for those crimes, one exception, that are significantly important are trending up. Murder, robbery, aggravated assault, and residential burglaries have significantly increased over last years' statistics. The one exception is rape which is down - but even 188, down from 194, as of 11/10/12, is unacceptable. That is about 16 rapes per month.

The crime statistics lag - the recent published statistics is for week 45. But in the next 7 weeks it is unlikely that crime rates will decease significantly to change the alarming upward trend in crime. Take a peek at the FlashAlert site for Portland's daily crime reports. The number of armed robberies are alarming. Banks, convenience stores, and pedestrians seem to be routinely robbed.

See the 2011 FBI Part 1 stats - Portland is definitely a trend setter.

Arguably all crimes ought to be publically tracked and editorialized by the local media - not just the regurgitation of selected news flashes. But especially those crimes that reflect a violent society and a disregard for property of others should be put in front our noses constantly.