Saturday, December 15, 2012

22 children stabbed in attack at Chinese school

An Al Jazeera story (12/12/12) reminds us that it isn't just the US where children are victims of those with apparent mental illness. Additionally it is noted that:
"In March 2010, eight children were murdered in Nanping, Fujian province, by 41-year-old knifeman Zheng Minsheng. The attacker was executed a month later, hours before 33-year-old Chen Kangbing injured 16 students and a teacher at Hongfu Primary School in Leizhou, Guangdong.
In April 29 2010, 28 school children - mostly four-year-olds - were stabbed alongside two teachers and a security guard in Taixing, Jiangsu. On April 30, Wang Yonglai committed suicide after using a hammer to attack preschool children in Weifang, Shandong.
Further attacks in the months and years following have left 11 children and four adults dead, and several more injured."
It shouldn't go without notice that these murders of children were not with guns, but with knives and a hammer.

Maybe what we are seeing in the mass killings are the effects of an over-populated planet, not because of the numbers, there still seems to be room, but because of the increased likelihood that the mental wiring will be wrong.