Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CRC debacle

Millions have already been spent on the design and planning for this bridge - yet it is clear that the bridge height is wrong. Keep in mind that there is already a bridge there. River traffic is extant. What is a passable bridge height can't come as a surprise - can it?

The laughs come to us from the Willamette Week's story CRC: Bridges Should Be 115 Feet—And No More.
Get this though. "[T]he CRC’s proposals have included putting tall ships on a truck and driving them around the bridge, or paying to relocate them entirely."

"[P]utting tall ships on a truck and driving them around the bridge?" Really?

Of course that genius proposal only takes care of the existing river traffic, but "the Coast Guard has also made it clear the law means the CRC must accommodate not only current river traffic, but reasonably anticipated future river traffic."

The legislatures of both states ought to be up in arms spurred onward to rectify the situation by the news media, but all is quiet in the West.