Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For some it is a choice

The NY man that was given the boots by the police officer is still making news - this time because he apparently has an apartment that he could use rather than stay on the streets. [Report: Man Given Boots By NYC Police Officer Has Apartment He Could Use ],

He seems to be making choices that we don't understand. [See this 12/9/12 update: Man given boots by NYPD officer: Street life ‘my choice.’] It is way too easy to affix the label "mentally ill." But we will keep at him until he behaves as we think he should.

The homeless by choice is not necessarily the wrong choice even though it may be for you or I. I had a client, pro bono, that chose to live in an old van and to work only when needed. He wouldn't be seen on the corner asking for handouts, but could be seen handing out business flyers. Another client I had used the flyers as a means of helping him.

Jim just couldn't work for others and was not situated to be self-employed. He was a nice person that was making choices that I didn't understand - but he was making the choices.

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