Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Obvious mental health issues?

Webster, NY Police Chief speaking about the person who killed two firefighters responding to a fire he set: "Spengler obviously had mental health issues." [Gunman Who Killed Two Firefighters Left Chilling Note].

Just what is encompassed by "mental health issues?" What makes this guy any different from any other criminal that kills? He had been convicted of beating his grandmother to death in 1980.

It seems just too easy to label conduct as the result of mental health issues. The mental health advocates appear to deny that there is a line to be drawn between those who like Spengler who wrote that what he likes doing best is killing people and those who kill without understanding the morality or the consequences of their actions. Thus awareness of the right or wrong of any action is the simple line.

It seems fair to say that Spengler knew that beating his grandmother to death and killing of the two firefighters was wrong. He may also have killed his sister in the fire he set.

Caution needs to be applied before labeling actions that are abnormal and extreme by any community standards.

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