Monday, December 10, 2012

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - 12-7

This day quietly slipped by, at least by me. Each and every day I read the headlines of about 30 news sources from the Internet, all but a few should have marked the day. I didn't see anything. And I might expect that the coverage might be little less on the Internet than in print editions. But still . . . . Arguably too in my scanning I might have skipped over any mention. If it was there I didn't see it.

But it is really generational - isn't it? How many generations have been born over the past 71 years? I wonder too just how many families have any memories of that time to pass along through the generations? How many families have members still alive and kicking that were born enough before the war to have viable memories of the time? I wonder how many pages, hopefully it is more than one, in high school history books are given to the events surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Germans and the Japanese were dastardly people in those days. We moan about the today's warlike attitude of the US, but World World War II was clearly in our best interests. A division of the world between Japanese and Germans is a far worse scenario than the division between the Russians and the Americans.

But maybe it is better that we forget.

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