Friday, December 14, 2012

Portland policing -WTF!

An "armed man hallucinating and that he'd fired a gun approximately 30 minutes prior to police being called by roommates. As officers were enroute, they received additional information that the 34-year-old man had a shotgun and possibly two handguns." [Eight Firearms Seized from Southeast Portland Man Struggling in a Mental Health Crisis].

Inexplicable. "Based on the man being alone in the residence and officers not having any contact with him, the decision was made to walk away from the residence and contact the man at a later time. One officer remained in the area to monitor the situation and over the next hour, several shots were heard from inside the house but none were fired outside the house."

Read the rest of the police report - it came to an acceptable result but thanks only to someone's lucky charm. But an arguably mentally ill person was found to have "five (5) rifles, two (2) handguns and one (1) shotgun [...] along with a significant quantity of ammunition."

One might want to question how a mentally ill person acquires this arsenal. It is doubtful that the news media will follow-up with any journalistic zeal.

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