Monday, December 3, 2012

Costas' half-time editorial on gun control

Of course the re-election of Obama did nothing to abate the nonsense that pours from the cavities of the Fox News and its counter-part on the Interent Media Matters for America. I am thankful for Media Matters because there isn't enough opposition to the vile that comes from Fox News, but . . . . .

The murder-suicide by the NFL players raised the issue of gun control, as does any wrongful use of a gun does. Despite there is no evidence that absent a total ban on guns - the player would not have taken the life of his girlfriend and his life, leaving their child without parents. To believe or advocate total ban on guns is an irrational, fairy tale like, proposal. It is foolishness. Not that there shouldn't be gun control.

There is nothing in the media reports to suggest that but for the gun he would not have committed the acts of violence. For example, consider this report Man killed father in Wyoming bow-and-arrow attack. It also involved a knife.

We be best researching why people who don't seem to fit any particular criminal profile would seek out and murder those it was thought that they loved.

It seems clear that an editorial during an entertainment presentation, i.e., football game, is not the correct venue. There is a complete void of discussion. But Media Matters attack on "right-wing" Fox News is Fox Newsisan.

I don't watch Fox News, but it was correct for them to question the half-time editorial. It is incorrect for Media Matters to knee jerk react to Fox News on every comment.

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