Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ron Wyden - he is the man . . .

. . . at least when it comes to seemingly protecting our constitutional rights. [Ron Wyden Continues to Fight Spy Bills]. For the most part, Oregon's Senator Ron Wyden has done little to gain any support from me. His teaming up with Paul Ryan on medicare policy, and then denying it,  is one of many qualms. But see the senator's denial.

But his fight against Senator Feinstein's apparent need to protect us by abating civil liberties is stand-up. The Willamette Week: "In fact, reports Roll Call, Wyden has put a hold on "every major bill coming out of her [Senate] Intelligence Committee in the past two years."

At issue is his "hold on a spy agency reauthorization measure, which is aimed at cracking down on leaks and extending expiring surveillance provisions from a 2008 law." The Roll Call, Capitol Hill newspaper, is quoted by the Week: "Wyden’s hold on the extension of the 2008 surveillance law means the Senate will have to set aside floor time to debate the bill and consider amendments, a move Wyden said he welcomed."

This puts a plus in his column.

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