Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rapes in Portland Part I Crime Stats ending 12-29.

Portland Police Bureau. Take a peek at the rape statistic. Last year it was 221 and this year it is down to 207.

In India "Delhi is often called the "rape capital of India" - police recorded more than 550 cases in the city last year." [BBC News - India 'gang-rape': Student, friend attacked on Delhi bus].

The current population of Deli, India is 20,438,946. The current (estimate) population of Portland, Or is 593,820. Delhi's population is about 34 times that of Portland.

At 207 rapes per 593,820, Delhi would have had 34 x 207 = 7,038 rapes to keep up with the rate of rapes in Portland. But Delhi's 550 cases are just over 2 x Portland's.

But can one say that if Portland's population doubled that the number of rapes would double? Thus, the statistics are likely misleading because it is incorrect to use raw population figures for comparison, but it does give another perspective.

Also it should be noted that in 1901 Delhi's population was about 400,000 and thus has increased 51 times. It appears that Delhi has an excessive rate of population growth. The growth rate peaked at 53% in 1981. A table indicates that the growth percentage was about 22% in 2011,  but it is ticking upward. "The population of Delhi is expected to rise 40% by the year 2020." This density cannot be ignored as a factor in generating a crime environment. See Population of Delhi- Delhi Population in 2012.

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