Sunday, January 6, 2013

Example of why Arabs don't, and maybe shouldn't, trust the US.

In time documents come to light that belatedly shine the light of truth on intra-government dealings. An example comes from recently declassified documents noted in the Guardian UK. "The war [Lebanon war of 1982] began in a sense in London, where, on June 3, a Palestinian gunman shot the Israeli ambassador, Shlomo Argov. It was clear from the start that the hit team was not from the PLO but from the dissident Iraqi-backed outfit run by Abu Nidal, Yasser Arafat's sworn enemy. Israel's prime minister, Menachem Begin, egged on by his defence minister, Ariel Sharon, went to war against the PLO in Lebanon anyway." [Arabs are 'losing faith' in America: lessons from Lebanon 1982].

The Guardian UK accurately notes that "[s]mall indiscretions – about French arrogance, Israeli influence over the US, Arab frustration and British manoeuvring – add colour, nuance and understanding to enrich the historical record." E.g., a small excerpt from the Guardian UK's article quoting "a secret "UK Eyes Alpha" assessment by the Joint Intelligence Committee on June 22 1982:"Much of the Arab world sincerely believes that the United States administration had connived in, if not positively blessed, the Israeli invasion."

Not much has changed.

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