Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Give a man a fish . . . .

Israel is too used to the handout. In an apparent response to claimed criticism by President Obama, Israel's Netanyahu had this to say: "I think everyone understands that only Israeli citizens will be the ones who determine who faithfully represents Israel's vital interests." [Obama's alleged criticism of Netanyahu enlivens Israeli election].

According to the news story "Obama and Netanyahu have been at odds over Israel's settlement building in the occupied West Bank and heavy Israeli hints of possible military action against Iran's nuclear facilities."

Given the amount of money provided to Israel, the US has more than just some interest in the affairs of Israel. We are talking billions and billions of dollars. These dollars better have some influence and certainly gives the US a right, in fact an obligation to US taxpayers, to criticize.

The U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel: 2012 Congressional Report report, “U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel,” provides the historical financial relationship between the US and Israel. One example: "To date, the United States has provided Israel $115 billion in bilateral assistance. It is currently the second largest recipient of aid worldwide, with Afghanistan now first."