Sunday, January 13, 2013

No mirrors in India

How is it then that a country can avoid looking at itself without revulsion? Another gang rape in India is making the headlines. Six arrested in India, accused of gang raping another bus passenger. Six were arrested but the police is looking for a seventh.

There is something particular and extremely brutal about the rape of another human by a number of individuals, savages, that has taken place in India. Like it or not rape by one individual often raises issues about whether it was in fact rape, but there can not be any doubt when another individual participates.

But there may be something sanctimonious about my condemnation of India. Tragically everywhere rape is not uncommon. See the startling statistics for the United Kingdom. And it is unclear why these statistics concerning the United States are so surprising.
"Gang rapes constitute 11 percent of the estimated 100,000 rapes reported annually, according to national statistics. And while 73 percent of all rapes are committed by attackers known to their victims, in gang rape the opposite is true - 75 percent are committed by strangers." [Gang rape survivors: It's not your fault - SFGate].
Recently the US has had the underbelly of its culture further exposed. Mass killings even of first graders hasn't shamed us, nor has the gang rape in Ohio tugged at our conscience. And remember the rape comment made by a Republican during his campaign that "pregnancies resulting from rape are intended by God." See the story from the Indian Express.

And like in India many of those raped in the United States "find that when they reach out, they are blamed for the attack - they dressed provocatively, walked unwisely into the dark alley, hung out with the wrong people." [Gang rape survivors: It's not your fault].

But how to comprehend a gang rape? What is the makeup of these individuals? Not one refused to go along. In both of the recent India' gang rapes it seemed that it was premeditated  It wasn't some moment of spontaneity maybe spurred by drunkenness.

And, isn't it worse that it this second rape occurred so close to the first, and that it like the prior gang rape was callous and devoid of humanity. Surely the second group of rapists knew about the very recent gang rape in India that has sparked protests and general outrage.

It seemed too that consequences were not feared by the rapists. It is debased conduct occurring within an environment devoid of concern, sympathy or empathy - isn't it? Oddly too in this country animal abuse like that in dog fighting is more likely to gain national headlines and expression of outrage than rape.

Maybe it isn't about environment or culture. Some people are not wired right. There is not nor can there be any excuse for such conduct in society. Consequences need to be so severe that even the most pathological person will see that the consequences far outweigh any gratification, however defined, that he or she might obtain..

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