Sunday, January 20, 2013

Not ready for kindergarten? Really?

In the vein of if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well - the AP authors should have chucked the story in nearest waste basket. The lead paragraph is the clue that the story was off on the wrong foot.
"Washington education officials who are struggling to help high school students pass a statewide math exam may want to take a close look at the first results from a new kindergarten readiness test."
The basis of the story Tests find many Washington state kids not ready for kindergarten is not about testing - it is about assessment. There are distinct differences.

The apparent press release that the brief AP story was based upon never once used the word test, nor did any of the supporting material.

But the most grievous error was to make a connection between high school students' struggle to pass statewide math exams and the skill assessment of kindergartners. It doesn't exist. It was spun out of whole cloth found in the possible bias of the author(s).

There is not one point in the AP story that is accurate. If you are interested in the Washington program WAKids, start with the press release.