Thursday, January 17, 2013

Obama's "tyranny" - raises a nagging issue

Have you taken a look at the 23 Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions? The Washington Post news story notes these superlatives (exaggerated) spewing forth from the mouths of the Republicans addressing President Obama's "abuse of presidential power:"  “executive power grab,” “dictator,” “tyrant,” “executive fiat.” And even calls for impeachment from the likes of these fine gentlemen.

The Post's story makes a point that Reagan’s solicitor general dismisses right’s fantasy about Obama “tyranny”. I am unclear why that is so significant, but I imagine it is because the Republicans have often touted Reagan as Mr. Republican. But "fantasy" is a easy assessment - read the executive orders.

In reading it is crystal clear that there are no new laws created, no new powers are created or assumed, and there are no new requirements that a single weapon of any character be confiscated or prohibited.  The executive orders speak administratively to only existing laws.

Frankly there is no reason for anyone of any political persuasion to challenge these executive orders. There are a couple that arguably support the NRA's armed guard in the schools proposal. See numbers 12 & 18. At best these are administrative actions well within the president's authority.

The gun control issue is one that the Republicans had the opportunity to lead the discussion, but they have chosen to be back-benchers chucking barbs. The Republicans literally sit in opposition - they oppose everything the president does or proposes.

Arguably the opposition is about money. Take a peek at which party receives the NRA's donations (bribes). But it matters not the issue - the Republicans seem to be against Obama, not just the Democrats.  Obama can be fairly characterized as being a moderate to right Democrat. Often he seems to stand to George W. Bush's right.

I suspect that the fly on the wall in the Republican offices would hear words such as the "n" word, and other racial epithets. If Obama were white - he would be seen in many ways as  more Republican than many Republicans. He is a family man. He is well-educated. He presents well. He is articulate. He has conducted himself in office extremely well. Yet if he were only white, seems to be the Republican lament.

If Obama has a fault, other than being born black, he is a seeker of consensus and foremost a compromiser. If he were white, he would be extolled for his exemplary manner by which he conducts himself.  If we were color blind - he would be extolled for his courage.  As a person he all American - yet he is continually treated with disdain by the Republicans.

Thus, the nagging issue is racism.  It appears to be the only way to characterize the Republican opposition. The American public has supported Obama as shown by his election and reelection. Yet, the  Republican politicos and their supporters, e.g., Fox News, are counting on Americans to listen to their sound bites. To what end? Exactly!

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