Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pollution - the insignificance of places like Portland

Like it or not the anti-pollution efforts, mostly a facade, of the liberal cities like Portland make not even a noticeable indentation in the overall pollution index. The high school do-gooder attitude extant in places like Portland is not cost effective, however one might measure cost.

Take a peek at the most polluted cities in the world's biggest economies provide by the Daily chart: Choked. The only US city listed is Bakersfield, California. Bakersfield - not a city I would have expected to see so prominently listed. But it is experiencing an economic boom. Oil, and fracking, is big in Bakersfield area.

My point, if there is one to make, is that the excessive and self indulgent attitude of those who make various claims relating to livability ought to be more concerned with items that have a more immediate effect on actual livability, like good streets, not just bioswales.

It makes no sense to subsidize development in a particular area of the city while the remainder wallows in the status quo or suffers decline.

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