Thursday, January 10, 2013

Public is not well served by a 11 year sentence

A security guard at a downtown club was shot and killed while he and other security guards were evicting the shooter and others from the club. When allegedly pushed to ground, the shooter shot and killed the security guard.

A plea deal allows a shooter to escape a possible sentence of 25 years to life sentence. Instead he receives an 11 year sentence. It is unclear if he will serve the entire 11 years. There is nothing good for the public in the decision by the district attorney to accept a plea deal. [Man accused of downtown Portland club New Year's killing reaches plea deal].

The court should not accept the plea bargain.

And being the Oregonian - the story is lacking. Nothing about why a plea deal was accepted. Nothing about the possibility of parole. Nothing about the shooter as to possible prior arrests and convictions. Nothing about the legality of gun possession. Nothing about the victim.

And in the Oregonian fashion - the original story focused on an officer involved shooting. You know Maxine Bernstein was connected. Anti-cop bias blinds the Oregonians's journalistic efforts.