Saturday, January 12, 2013

Same sex marriage opposition - the shoe is on the other foot

How odd is it that the Catholic opposition as seen in the Guardian UK piece fails to see the irony in their position. [Same-sex marriage 'will see return to Catholic persecution'].

They apparently don't see how similar their position is to those that seek freedom from persecution merely because they have a different sexual orientation. Just what are the Catholics afraid of? Isn't homosexuality the Catholics' witch hunt? It seems that King Henry VIII had the  right idea.

Checkout some of these good Catholic worries presented in a letter opposing same sex legislation in England. It doesn't take much thought to see how the shoe is on the other foot. But apparently they are blinded by their persecution of homosexuals.

" . . . the priests claim that same-sex marriage could even lead to Catholics being excluded from some professions, such as teaching."

" . . . fears that the simple acts of practising or speaking about their faith will be severely limited."

". . . fear is that Catholics who believe in the traditional meaning of marriage would effectively be excluded from some jobs."

"After centuries of persecution, Catholics have, in recent times, been able to be members of the professions and participate fully in the life of this country."

"Legislation for same-sex marriage, should it be enacted, will have many legal consequences, severely restricting the ability of Catholics to teach the truth about marriage in their schools, charitable institutions or places of worship."

"It is meaningless to argue that Catholics and others may still teach their beliefs about marriage in schools and other arenas if they are also expected to uphold the opposite view at the same time."

And my favorite:

". . . that we could be arrested for being bigots or homophobes."

What is good for the goose is not good for the gander.