Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Should be an easy NO! Twice.

Before the council two items. See What do a problematic streetcar and a $1.7 million boathouse have in common? United Streetcar wants $145k for its failure to perform. The original contract for $190,000 has worked its way up to $1.6 mil.

According to the United Streetcar website it has a contract with Tucson. I wonder how they are performing with them? Well their city council seems as hapless as Portland's. See this November 2012 story Streetcar builder shifts workers to Ore. project; Tucson line may face delay. And this January 2013 story Arizona Daily Wildcat :: Streetcar operation sees delays, new management team arrives in Tucson

And $1.7 mil for a boathouse to be named after Leonard? It started out at $800,000. And it is a contract from the United Streetcar parent company - Oregon Iron Works. Why should the city building a boathouse? And why, why should it be named after Leonard? Portland's small fry see themselves as big fish - don't they.

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