Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well said

"The world respects us not only for our scholarship and our science, but because we are an institution whose actions are and always have been guided by the highest ideals and the most thoughtful judgment. Our commitment to those ideals is now coming into question." [MIT Pledges Probe Of Involvement In Aaron Swartz Case, Establishes Website To Field Questions].

That from Hal Abelson, Ph.D, a professor of computer science and founding director of Creative Commons. He  "has been tasked by MIT president L. Rafael Reif to lead the investigation" into MIT's "review of its involvement in the case of Aaron Swartz, the internet pioneer who committed suicide earlier this month."

As part of the investigation a website Swartz Review has been established for the submission of questions pertinent to their investigation. It is publicly viewable, but comments can only come from MIT community. A review of the questions submitted illustrates that the MIT community hasn't a clue as to the issues involved. The forthcoming report ought to be enlightening.