Friday, February 15, 2013

Arms (F-16s) sales to Taiwan - why?

A senator from Texas wants "to force the Obama administration to sell Taiwan the 66 F-16C/D models it has sought in the past." Now it come as no surprise that the planes are built in Texas. One wonders why Taiwan needs advanced fighter aircraft other than the sale will greatly enrich the Texas company. [Senior U.S. senator faults Taiwan over arms complacency].

Shameful politics: "Cornyn has used his senatorial powers twice in past two years to delay consideration of Obama's nominees for senior jobs at the U.S. State Department and Defense Department in an effort to push the sale of new F-16s."

Taiwan's only possible enemy is China. But really folks the days of David and Goliath are long past and the connection between China and Taiwan is prior to them. The Wikipedia has a decent entry on Taiwan.

Taiwan has little legal recognition as a nation, but while it is economically successful republic its continued separation from mainland China is in doubt. China maintains a patient agenda to welcoming Taiwan back.

It is unlikely (zero chance) the US would like it did in 1950 send its ships into the Straits of Formosa "to prevent any conflict between the Republic of China and the PRC, effectively putting Taiwan under American protection." [Taiwan].

China is a major, if not the major, world economic powerhouse completing effectively with large countries like the US and Russia and with the European Union. It is a major player in the political and economic global affairs.

Thus the obvious question: How are the US interests well served by increasing military tensions between China and Taiwan?

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