Monday, February 25, 2013

Moral of the story - there is no oversight without independent and free press

The Oregonian story is about a clear violation by the Oregon Energy Department in issuing multiple energy tax credits where one was only permitted by law. [Shepherd's Flat wind farm's $30 million in tax credits will be reviewed by Oregon Energy Department].

For Oregon we are forced to rely on the Oregonian as the source for investigative news. The other news media are either too small or unwilling to budget their money for those purposes. Problem is that the Oregonian is shrinking in its ability and it shows. The three day a week print publishing appears to be close at hand. While it is still able to come up with the excellent public interest reports, one doubts that it can continue to do so.

Some public means of financing newspapers may be needed. Some public subsidy seems in order. It is frankly a better use of federal dollars to subsidize operation of newspapers than the tax subsidies and credits given to virtually any "green" company.

Democracy is inter-dependent on an independent press.

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