Friday, February 15, 2013

Portrait of Jesus in public schools - when will they ever learn?

"It boggles the mind that in 2013, a public school superintendent and school board would not understand that a devotional painting of Jesus, called 'The Head of Christ,' — identical to millions hanging in churches and Sunday school classrooms around the country — may not be posted at the entrance of a middle school." [Ohio School Will Go To Court Over A Portrait Of Jesus].

The school's position's is that the painting is not owned by the school, but by a student club. Of course, even assuming that ridiculous position, it is the school that has given permission to post the painting on public school property.

When asked if a portrait of Mohammad could be posted, the school superintendent responded that "the French Club could put up a picture of the Eiffel tower." Huh? It isn't clear how that follows and speaks more to the superintendent's ability to think clearly.

It is a public, secular school not a parochial school.