Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope resigns

Portland's new archbishop's perspective on the selection process: "We entrust this process to the Holy Spirit. God will raise up a shepherd for the church according to his own heart." "It's not my church. It's not the pope's church. It's Christ's church and he will care for it." [Pope Benedict XVI's resignation: Portland's new archbishop says pope will be remembered for his leadership].

I am cynical, but the archbishop seems to be shifting the blame to his god for the problems of the church. One might view the church as belonging to Christ, but it wasn't Christ that created an environment that permitted pedophiliac priests to sexually abuse children for decades.

The archbishop speaks like the hierarchy of the past - flamboyant priestly double talk that has absolutely no substance and no meaning to the here and now. The Catholic Church has been back-stepping for decades. It is hardly likely that Pope Benedict will, in retrospect, be seen as an effective leader.

When it came to protecting the children of the church and punishing those that did not - this pope's leadership failed. The Church under this pope has put secular concerns first. The Church has exalted its earthly concerns over parishioners spiritual needs.

This pope is like the secular elected leaders that forget the reasons that they were elected and proceed on policies that have nothing to do with the everyday life of those they are to lead. And there is no reason to expect the next pope to be any different.

If there is a guardian at the gates of heaven - surely this pope will not get a free pass. He might not be joining the pedophile priests in their hell, but in the false world of heaven and hell is there a place in heaven?

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