Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl: "the average price for entry now sits at $2,516.19"

And that is a downward trend. "The cheapest ticket available on TiqIQ right now is $1,132." And that gets you the worse seats. One suspects there is not even an actual seat there. The author notes: "They are not fantastic seats, but they get you a foot in the door." That is a costly step. [Super Bowl tickets 2013: Prices continue downward trend].

I am, or at least was, a big pro football fan. I loved the days of the 49ers when I lived in the Bay Area, and the team was quarterbacked by the likes of Joe Montana and Steve Young. It was a special time when before the days of York - DeBartolo owned the team.

But $1,132 for possibly the worse seats in the house? Maybe it is best that the team moved out of SF. There seems little in common anymore with the working class San Franciscans.

Pro sports seem to have super priced themselves out of reach for most sport fans. But that is the real trend - pushing the prices to the limit, maximizing profit. It is no longer about the sport - it is just entertainment. And it is entertainment that costs the cities that home-town these teams. Teams like the 49ers fleece their host cities via tax incentives and city paid development of facilities.

Not far (enough) from the days of the gladiators.

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