Thursday, February 7, 2013

Suspect police policy

It took the Portland Police about one hour and 35 minutes to rescue a woman hiding in the basement avoiding her potential killer. It was abundantly clear (at least from the Police release) that the woman was hiding in fear from her potential killer.

The police could hear from outside of the house a man threatening to kill the hiding woman. He was in the basement too searching for her. The police were told about possibility that the man had guns. That turned out to be false, but one doesn't need a gun to kill.

There was only the hiding woman and the man searching for and threatening to kill her in the house. 
It was only through the wits of the victim that she was able to hide from her attacker. But she had to wait one hour and 35 minutes to be rescued.

Now I realize that policy might call for the special SERT Team to be activated because of their training and expertise, but this seems to have been a situation where immediate action was called for even before the SERT Team could arrive. It was exigent circumstances.

And even after they arrived, they waited for what must have seemed as an eternity for the hiding woman to act. Arguably she is alive and not harmed because of her own wits - not police action.

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