Saturday, March 2, 2013

Adopted Russian child's death

This is the case of the Russian child Max that was adopted by Texas couple and was brought to this country in November of 2012, and at the age of 3 was dead in January 2013. [See my earlier post].  It has, at least preliminarily, been ruled an accident, but it is a ruling that isn't sitting well with the Russians.

While the US media has tried to make the Russian concerns over his death political, the facts of the case give legitimacy to their concerns. The short time in the US before his death is a valid factor. And it must be considered that there had been other adopted Russians that have died in the US. And there is more.

One may assume that the child was relatively healthy, physically and emotionally, before he was adopted. 
But the "[p]reliminary autopsy results had indicated Max had bruises on several parts of his body, but Bland [Texas District Attorney] said Friday that those bruises appeared to be self-inflicted." [Moscow skeptical about autopsy ruling 3-year-old Russian adoptee’s death accidental in Texas].

"A statement from the Ector County Sheriff's Office said that the boy "had previously been seen for a behavioral disorder that manifested itself in self-injury and these bruises were consistent with that diagnosis." [Death of adopted Russian boy ruled accidental].

Or put another way from the same source: the autopsy report "showed that he died from a lacerated artery in his abdomen from self-inflicted bruising, and that the boy had a mental disorder that caused him to harm himself." [Adopted Russian Boy's Death Ruled an Accident in Texas].

Russian protesters have this view - it is a slap in the face: “Today people are telling us that Maxim supposedly maimed himself to death with a blunt instrument and damaged his own internal organs. " [Moscow skeptical about autopsy ruling 3-year-old Russian adoptee’s death accidental in Texas].

Frankly it is a little hard to swallow that a 3 year old child was adopted with a mental disorder and had inflicted injuries on himself causing his death in the alleged momentary time he was not under the direct supervision of the adopted mother.

And during the approximate 3 months of life in Texas he developed or manifested a "behavioral" problem whereby he beats himself.

It doesn't quite pass the smell test yet.


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