Monday, March 4, 2013

Bike helmets - creeping compulsion

It is the United Kingdom, but it is the correct perspective. The question: "Should the wearing of a bicycle helmet be compulsory in non-competitive events?" The answer: ". . . such a rule was "not justified in terms of health and safety". [Compulsory bike helmets on charity rides is the thin end of the wedge].

Chris Oliver, a surgeon at Edinburgh Royal infirmary:
"Schools, employers and the organisers of non-sporting cycling events (eg sponsored rides) should not seek to impose helmet rules for their pupils, staff and participants. These rules are not justified in terms of health and safety, they are likely to reduce the numbers and diversity of people who take part in cycling, and they may in some circumstances be illegal."
Self-reliance. One wonders when people will tire of others telling them what to do in their personal lives.

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