Saturday, March 2, 2013

Winning the hearts and minds

US forces, don't let the "NATO" designation fool you, killed two Afghanistan boys, both under 10 during a firefight. It isn't difficult to understand how mistakes of this sort might be made in the type of battles characteristic to Afghanistan. But apologies don't resurrect the dead. [NATO apologises for killing two Afghan boys].

Also in the same story: "A statement issued by the national security council said "it became clear that armed individuals named as US special force stationed in Wardak province engage in harassing, annoying, torturing and even murdering innocent people."

Imagine 10 years plus of  US soldiers mistakenly killing civilians in your homeland. Of course this has gone on for decades, the US didn't start it, they are but the latest to attempt to mold the country in the image of the latest conquering power. Don't forget the Russians were before us and the English before that. [Wikipedia].